James or Hugh?

Am in bed and realized I haven’t taken a single picture.
About to crack open the new Empire magazine. I am so over superhero movies at the moment, there are other genres! Every second cover is splashed with yet another tedious hero – Antman anyone? (Ok, so he hasn’t had a cover yet but watch this space).
Anyway, X-men I can tolerate – especially as I get to look at Hugh as Wolverine and the lovely James McAvoy, even if he does have terrible hair in this one…


…And Had a Really, Really, Really Good Time

I didn’t post a picture yesterday, naughty, as we were busy visiting Wellington!  You’d be forgiven, from the photo below of me at Weta Studios and the previous airport post, that LOTR was the reason for our visit.  In fact, the reason we were there was for the Macklemore and Tinie Tempah concert.

We were among the older people there, certainly the majority of the over 30s were accompanying their children (though when you are older than the main act you have to expect that!). Nevertheless we danced, cried, and had a really, really, really good time.  I am now officially in the Shark Face Gang.  (No photos of the concert sorry, I decided to not be that annoying person with the bright screen this time.  Plenty of others took that mantle for me).

Here I am with either Tom, Bert or William at The Weta Cave.Image.


Lazy Sunday

Awful weather and Mr Pigalina was in bed with flu so I spent the day on the sofa. Even though I watched Coronation Street, I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here!, Come Dine With Me Omnibus, (and when Mr Pigalina joined me) Seven Years in Tibet and Voyage of the Dawn Treader I was not entirely unproductive! I completed my cat cushion and sock cow kits that I got for Christmas and my birthday.

365 day photo challenge August 4

The Dark Knight Rises was fabulous. I was only going to go to the movies once this year, as it is so expensive – to see The Hobbit. I am glad I broke my pledge to see the Batman in action. With Peter Jackson determined to drag the Hobbit out to three parts and fleece as much money out of me as possible, I having a feeling B-Man might have been my only trip to the movies for 2012.

Pigalina is Undead (Part 2)

2 more days on set, 65 itchy bites just on my lower legs.  Ah, the glamour of being an unpaid movie extra using 10 days annual leave for the chance of screen immortality.  Cowering in the rain in a blanket sandwich with strangers.  Walking bare foot in squelchy mud more than ankle deep.  Getting doused in mud and cold, cold blood. Having to spend so long washing the “blood” and knots out of my hair that I almost considered taking the scissors to a chunk of it.  Having others put their fingers into my eye to add and remove contact lenses.  AND YET I CAN’T GET ENOUGH!

I am having so much fun being an extra in I Survived a Zombie Holocaust. I got to eat some belly on Friday – Mummy Pigalina ate entrails.

Pigalina is Undead (Part 1)

As far back as I can remember, I’ve always wanted to be a movie extra. I have no ambition to be the main star, just a moment on screen where I can excitedly scream “That’s me” is all I have ever wanted.
WELL! I am currently making that dream come true by being a zombie in I Survived a Zombie Holocaust currently being filmed in Dunedin. When I was in High School Mummy Pigalina didn’t let me go and audition to be an extra in Lord of the Rings as I would have had to miss so much school. This time around I have annual leave that I can take to get off work and Mummy Pigalina is being a zombie too!
If you click here you can read a newspaper article and check out the hot zombie at the front with the (much ridiculed by Mr Pigalina) white hat. That’s Pigalina!!
May I point out that the white hat was a hasty addition as I play two different zombies and obviously I need to look different. The magic of cinema darling.
So far we have had two days on set. The zombies are not getting paid and we have to wait around a lot but once the cameras are rolling any grumbles disappear and we all throw ourselves into our zombie characters.
The second day on set was the longest – 7.45am until 10pm. A flu-riddled Pigalina and the other five fast zombies (which, ironically I – an unfit office worker – am one of) had to run many, many times while covered in cold, sticky blood. Needless to say the flu is still lingering. Mummy Pigalina was part of the huge throng of zombies bring up the rear.
I have eight more days of filming this month which means eight more times having to get someone to put in and take out my contact lenses; eight more days being dowsed in blood; and eight more days of being a zombie!
No pictures unfortunately – for those of you who caught the three I posted on Facebook before I realised I was not supposed to, Well done you!

More Movies and Still No Time

Yes, I continue to watch movies but find no time to update the Palace.

Here is another quick, all you need to know quide:

Scott Pligrim vs The World – 5/5 My new fave, went and bought all 6 books and the DVD after watching. Fresh, imaginative style.

Meet the Spartans – 1/5 Very few laughs. Can’t stand this taking off of a single movie – so void of imagination.

Mega Mind – 4/5 Can’t really fault it – loved David Cross as the fish Minion. (Mr Pigalina only gives it 3/5 as he didn’t find it funny the whole way through)

The Time Travellers Wife – Can’t disagree with Mr Pigalina’s comment as soon as the movie ended – “Well that was depressing. Everyone’s sad, sad, sad, dies”. 3/5

Epic Movie – Didn’t even last 5 minutes, 0/5.

Eight Below

(Second favourite movie of the Pigalina’s dog Tobias (After Beverley Hills Chihuahua).

Eight Below is based on a true story of eight(!) huskies that get left behind in the Antarctic after everyone is ordered out in the wake of a big storm. Paul “Fast and the Furious” Walker is their handler and snozzle kisser who is so T.O to be told that he cannot go back to rescue them. **Possible Spoiler** – Warning – all eight may not make it home. 😦
I now want many, many huskies (and my little fox terrier) and will sleep in a living nest of them each night, curled in a ball.
The poor things endure at least 175 days and nights out in the blasting snow while the humans are all tucked up in some base, resigning themselves to the fact that the dogs will freeze to death. Red tape hampers the rescue efforts and the eight dogs are left chained up with no food and water in freezing conditions. Luckily most of them manage to get loose and adventure (and some sadness) follows.
Their handler (Paul Walker) wants those dogs rescued as quickly as possible. Anyone that has a dog (let alone eight) would hate to leave their furry buddy behind so will know how he feels.
He eventuallly sets off to rescue them, after many months, from “Christchurch” harbour; which they made look as rumpy and backwoods as they possibly could and had Australian accented people as New Zealanders – Yeah, we can tell the difference you know! Though, to be fair, most Americans (the intended viewer) would have probably have required subtitles if New Zealanders were used – my English Grandad pretty much needed a translator upon meeting Mr Pigalina.

I know I have probably ruined it for you already so I will say that the film is rather bittersweet. A tear of happy and a tear of sad pricked my eyes on various occasions. Overall a very enjoyable film, though I usually prefer my animal movies to be 100% happy.

(Live blogged for your enjoyment)

The Love Guru

Mike Myers is dead to me.
Ben Kingsley you should have known better.
I am not even 20 minutes into the film yet and I already know it is only going to be getting a zero pig rating. Awful, lame and unfunny. LPMs (Laughs Per Minute (Copyrighted phrase by Robert)) = 0. How so many people signed up to do this film is beyond me.
Basically the film is Mike Myers with a bad indian accent and some cock jokes.

Don’t bother, not even if it is on TV like when I saw it.