Scary Stories for Tiny Tots

My sister is having a baby so Pigalina and Mummy Pigalina are in buy-cute-things mode.
I have got the baby the complete Peter Rabbit collection. Then I was thinking about it and some of the stories are quite scary – Peter Rabbit is chased, naked, by a farmer who is trying to kill him; Jemima Puddle Duck’s eggs (babies) are eaten by a fox.
At least it isn’t complete Grimm’s Fairytales…


No More Mole

I have an English degree so I am supposed to say that my favourite author is Chaucer, or Austen, or Shakespeare or Faulkner but my favourite author from age ten has been, and always will be, Susan Lillian Townsend.

I discovered an audio cassette copy of “The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole, Aged 13 3/4” in the Bedworth library. I asked my Mum if I could rent it (what a good girl), she checked with Dad who said yes and so began my love affair with Adrian Mole. They probably should have said no as there was a lot of affairs and “thing” measuring going on but that all went over my head as I listened (and then re-listened to my pirated copy).

I remember buying “From Minor to Major” (three books in one!) when I was eleven or twelve and my Townsend collection steadily grew. I was not impressed with the casting decisions made in “The Cappuccino Years” TV show and have bored Mr Pigalina over the years with my Adrian Mole facts and quotes.

Sue Townsend has been with me for most of my life from listening to that tape in my bedroom as a child to reading her latest book, “The Woman who Went to Bed For a Year”, while on holiday for my tenth wedding anniversary. Today she died and it is surprising me that I am pretty cut up about it. But I’m English, I’ll hold it in. I only cry at work and funerals…

Sue wrote more than just “The Mole Diaries” and I have enjoyed all of her work, but it is the Mole updates I will miss the most.
Rest in peace Sue, and thanks for all the fish (wrong author).

I am Pigalina’s Complete Lack of Imagination

Went to my first of six creative writing classes with Daddy, Aunty and Cousin Pigalina.
It turns out that my imagination is not the best, not without prompts anyway, as I ended up describing my old office when developing a setting.
Write about what you know they say!

365 day photo challenge November 29

A friend phoned me from another part of the office to see if I could answer a couple of his Hobbit questions. Wonder why he thought I would know anything about it…

365 day photo challenge November 8

Mr Pigalina’s family came over for his birthday. In order to avoid the Xbox “She’s doing it wrong” tantrum of last year being repeated a (very cut down) game of The Game of Life was in order.

365 day photo challenge August 26

The sun came out today. To commemorate this rare event in Winter, I slapped on a sundress; got out my bean bag and re-read some Scott Pilgrim outside with a beer and my dog. Roll on summertime.