James or Hugh?

Am in bed and realized I haven’t taken a single picture.
About to crack open the new Empire magazine. I am so over superhero movies at the moment, there are other genres! Every second cover is splashed with yet another tedious hero – Antman anyone? (Ok, so he hasn’t had a cover yet but watch this space).
Anyway, X-men I can tolerate – especially as I get to look at Hugh as Wolverine and the lovely James McAvoy, even if he does have terrible hair in this one…


The Book of Eli

Thanks to Mr Pigalina’s cousin being a dutiful son, Mr Pigalina and I scored free tickets to this movie last night.
The Book of Eli is set in the future, 30 years after a massive war that has wiped out most life. Water is scarce and things such as KFC moist towelettes, for washing, are hot property (excellent product placement guys!). This future is so bright that you better put on shades. But not bright in a good way, more in the way that the earth is so barren that the sunlight bounces off the earth threatening to scorch eyeballs. Eli is travelling across the country with a book that he feels he must deliver to the West. Along the way he encounters cannibals and a man intent on stealing his book for his own evil gains. Eli (Denzel Washington) is an amazing fighter and can defeat gangs single-handedly – there is a fabulous fight scene at the start, all in silhouette. He is a lone wolf who just wants to complete his mission of delivering his book. Along the way Mila “Jackie from That 70s Show” Kunis tags along. She was great! Not a trace of the whiny voiced girl she is usually associated with and her character becomes quite kick-ass by the end. Malcolm “Eggy-Weggs” McDowell has a cameo as a crazy haired curator of art and culture.
I thoroughly enjoyed this movie – Empire Magazine only gave it a 2. I feel if they keep this up (see Drag Me to Hell) we may soon part ways. Maybe. The film looked great, had an interesting premise, the acting was good and it held my attention throughout. Therefore, Pigalina doubles Empire’s rating.