365 day photo challenge August 26

The sun came out today. To commemorate this rare event in Winter, I slapped on a sundress; got out my bean bag and re-read some Scott Pilgrim outside with a beer and my dog. Roll on summertime.


More Movies and Still No Time

Yes, I continue to watch movies but find no time to update the Palace.

Here is another quick, all you need to know quide:

Scott Pligrim vs The World – 5/5 My new fave, went and bought all 6 books and the DVD after watching. Fresh, imaginative style.

Meet the Spartans – 1/5 Very few laughs. Can’t stand this taking off of a single movie – so void of imagination.

Mega Mind – 4/5 Can’t really fault it – loved David Cross as the fish Minion. (Mr Pigalina only gives it 3/5 as he didn’t find it funny the whole way through)

The Time Travellers Wife – Can’t disagree with Mr Pigalina’s comment as soon as the movie ended – “Well that was depressing. Everyone’s sad, sad, sad, dies”. 3/5

Epic Movie – Didn’t even last 5 minutes, 0/5.