365 day photo challenge December 31

Well, here is the end of my 365 day photo challenge (which actually turned out to be 367 what with it being leap year and with us having the extra December 28th when we crossed the International Date Line).
We spent New Years Eve exploring some more; met some friendly fish about 10 metres from the shore; chatted with fellow travellers as the sun went down; and then promptly fell asleep around 11pm after the lights on our part of the beach were turned off.
Here’s to 2013.


365 day photo challenge December 30

Rarotonga is only 32km around so scooter travel is very popular. There was to be no bus on New Years day and, after a VERY packed bus ride where we thanked our lucky stars it wasn’t roasting hot, we decided to hire a scooter to explore. It was fantastic and we were so glad that we did – we ended up extending our hire until the end of the holiday. We zipped around the back road dodging the coconuts, chickens, stray dogs and cats, goats, pigs and oblivious old men – SO MUCH FUN.

365 day photo challenge December 29

This is Tangaroa (God of the Sea and Fertility) celebrating Christmas in Rarotonga. It was odd to see Santa and tinsel in such a tropical place!
(He was wearing a red skirt today, but he is usually not so modest. He is the god of fertility after all…)

365 day photo challenge December 27

Packing to go on holiday. My suitcase was $3 from the recycle centre at the tip because the stitching on the handle had broken. I am always paranoid that it has been used for drug running, prior to my purchase, and I will get in huge trub. I wiped it down with cleaning solution again and I have to remind myself it made it around the world with no worries but it still nags in the back of my mind…