Why Would You?

“Sex Clinic” on Prime is a reality show filmed in a, wait for it, sex clinic.
Why would you agree to go on it? Getting your bits out and letting the world know what’s up with them and why.
Having said that, can’t look away.


Pigalinas Watching TV

Episode one of The Goldbergs. Mr Pigalina tries to work out who the narrator is:

Mr Pigalina: “Fat one…90210…”
Pigalina: “Erm, Ian Ziering?….”
MP: “No”
P (thinking of any 90s TV show – which by the way she was not allowed to watch due to Mummy Pigalina’s strict TV policy – if it looked like fornication then Pigalina was not watching it! (This included sitcom Friends)): “Party of Five?… Dawson’s Creek?…”
MP: “Noooo, looks like they live in a Hollywood hotel, except it’s not a hotel.”
P: “Melrose Place!”
MP: “YES!”
P: “Desperate Housewives? [Brie] Heather Locklear?”. (We were trying to guess a man so who knows what’s going on here?…)
MP: “No, not Brie, not Heather Locklear, Melrose Place!”
P: “I never watched Melrose Place!”
MP: “OK, so in this (The Goldbergs) they are using the same house they used on Alf.”
P: “Did they?!”
MP: “I dunno, probably. So you’ve got the fat one, married to hot one off Melrose Place.”
P: “She (mum off Goldbergs)’s not off Melrose Place!”
MP: “No, that’s what I’m trying to think of! That show…”
P: “So not what we’re watching?”
MP: “Noooo, irrelevant – In Melrose Place she’s dating baby face guy…I think his name was Shaun…”
P: [Illegible]
MP: “No, think of a show in the Alf house, probably the same house as Tim Allen – not “Tool Time”. Y’know, help me out.”
P: “OK. Alf.”
MP: “So, they’re off a show where we’ve always said the guy that looks like he’s from Blues Brothers would never be married to that lady…”
P: “According to Jim!”
MP: “The brother!”
P: “The blonde one!”
MP: “Yeah, fat blonde one. Sounds like him…”
P: “I’m gonna IMDB it.”
MP: “DO IT!”
P: “Narrator!… Patton Oswalt…”
MP: “I dunno who that is!”
P: “Umm…”
MP: “Show me a pic… Not the guy I was thinking of.”

Lazy Sunday

Awful weather and Mr Pigalina was in bed with flu so I spent the day on the sofa. Even though I watched Coronation Street, I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here!, Come Dine With Me Omnibus, (and when Mr Pigalina joined me) Seven Years in Tibet and Voyage of the Dawn Treader I was not entirely unproductive! I completed my cat cushion and sock cow kits that I got for Christmas and my birthday.

365 day photo challenge September 20

Who are those three lovely ladies on the latest ad for New Zealand’s Got Talent? Why it’s Pigalina, Mummy Pigalina and Pigalina’s Aunty. Daddy Pigalina can be seen politely smiling and clapping.

365 day photo challenge July 17

American TV when will you learn? Sometimes you drag things out for too long (talking ’bout you Lost). Desperate Housewives jumped the shark years ago but when I heard it was the last season how could I not watch – having invested so much time. Watched the final episode today, was much like any other. And that was the end of that.

365 day photo challenge July 15

Went to the filming of the auditions for New Zealand’s Got Talent. It certainly has!