Magnificent Tree

I have finally relented. Mr Pigalina was going to dig out the tree in the front garden about six months ago. I pleaded the puny tree’s case – it had been aggressively pruned, we hadn’t had the greatest weather, give it until next summer.
Sorry tree but there has been not a hint of life these past six months, Mr Pigalina us looking forward to getting to work with the shovel tomorrow.


I Know What I Like

Today I needed to buy new shoes as my others were falling apart. I ended up buying the exact, kind of ugly, style as the broken ones.
When my previous shoes broke and I found they were discontinued and heavily discounted, I bought the three remaining pairs in my size.
I am a fashionista beyond compare.

Look Into My Eyes, Not Around My Eyes…You’re Under

I am not the worst with heights, I can climb ladders and trees with no bother, my height related Achilles heel is ski lifts.
Last time we went snowboarding I psyched myself up, I was going to get on that lift no worries. My power song “Shake it Out” by Florence and the Machine would be my soundtrack. As we were driving up the mountain I caught sight of the lift. My stomach fell, my palms went sweaty and I knew it would be another day on the learner’s slope for me.
Today I went to a hypnotherapist with the specific request to address my ski lift issue. I know I went under but I am not sure that I did hypnotism right while in my trance. Is it normal to high-five your subconscious?
Time will tell.

Pigalinas Are Not Great Gangsters

Today the wider Mr Pigalina family – cousin division, played a few rounds of Mafia (the party game, not Xbox game as pictured). You have to be cunning, a good liar and be able to read others. Factions quickly form and protestations of innocence go unheeded if you are unable to back it up. Intellects get questioned and every eye movement analyzed.
A whole lotta murdering going on at Granddad’s birthday.

(Apologies for terrible photo).

A Dog’s Not Just For Christmas…

A Puppy is for life.
I got really annoyed with someone I went to school with today (but of course I held it in to rant passive aggressively on here).
Before she had kids all I saw on Facebook were pictures of her dog and statuses about days out with dog and husband. Today, two children later, she was posting messages about how annoying the poor attention starved dog was being and pondering if anyone would take him off her hands.
Take that dog to the beach then tickle his belly!

Red Sky in the Morning

Apparently the rhyme isn’t always right as the sunrise this morning indicated rough weather. Dunedin experienced another unusually nice winter’s day while the rest of the island recovers from a storm.

(Though it may be more purpley pink than red).

Super Fun Afternoon

The Pigalinas spent the afternoon hanging three sets of “jumbo” curtains in the lounge. The ones we bought back in March and have talked about since 2011.
It is amazing how much the curtains have affected the lay out of the room. My pot plants have nowhere to go, the DVD rack has had to move, the phone and camera charging station (every home has one, right?…) is no more and the log basket floats with no permanent home.
Warm though.