Pigalina is Undead (Part 1)

As far back as I can remember, I’ve always wanted to be a movie extra. I have no ambition to be the main star, just a moment on screen where I can excitedly scream “That’s me” is all I have ever wanted.
WELL! I am currently making that dream come true by being a zombie in I Survived a Zombie Holocaust currently being filmed in Dunedin. When I was in High School Mummy Pigalina didn’t let me go and audition to be an extra in Lord of the Rings as I would have had to miss so much school. This time around I have annual leave that I can take to get off work and Mummy Pigalina is being a zombie too!
If you click here you can read a newspaper article and check out the hot zombie at the front with the (much ridiculed by Mr Pigalina) white hat. That’s Pigalina!!
May I point out that the white hat was a hasty addition as I play two different zombies and obviously I need to look different. The magic of cinema darling.
So far we have had two days on set. The zombies are not getting paid and we have to wait around a lot but once the cameras are rolling any grumbles disappear and we all throw ourselves into our zombie characters.
The second day on set was the longest – 7.45am until 10pm. A flu-riddled Pigalina and the other five fast zombies (which, ironically I – an unfit office worker – am one of) had to run many, many times while covered in cold, sticky blood. Needless to say the flu is still lingering. Mummy Pigalina was part of the huge throng of zombies bring up the rear.
I have eight more days of filming this month which means eight more times having to get someone to put in and take out my contact lenses; eight more days being dowsed in blood; and eight more days of being a zombie!
No pictures unfortunately – for those of you who caught the three I posted on Facebook before I realised I was not supposed to, Well done you!