Feeling Proper Grown-Up

I may, right now, be in bed wearing a unicorn onesie and playing Assassins Creed.
Ok, I totally am. I love the weekend.


Gardening Champion

I decided to replant a shrub that was growing in a pot into the ground. The ground was nice and soft but full of roots, of what I have no idea. Also I was wearing jandals (flip-flops) which aren’t great for spade work. My “that’ll do” attitude took over.
I am hoping that nature will sort out the mess.

It’s The Freakin’ (Long) Weekend, Baby, Imma Bout To Have Me Some Fun

Tomorrow is a public holiday in NZ, Waitangi Day. It is also Thursday so I have taken the Friday off too. Four day weekend! My PJ pants are on, even the dog is getting comfy with no collar on.
Fire up the Xbox and open that beer.

Lazy Sunday

Awful weather and Mr Pigalina was in bed with flu so I spent the day on the sofa. Even though I watched Coronation Street, I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here!, Come Dine With Me Omnibus, (and when Mr Pigalina joined me) Seven Years in Tibet and Voyage of the Dawn Treader I was not entirely unproductive! I completed my cat cushion and sock cow kits that I got for Christmas and my birthday.

365 day photo challenge October 21

I am not sure if William is lazy or just a bit simple. (Mr Pigalina would say the latter). He sat forlornly staring through the front door for about an hour after we got home because he either couldn’t be bothered going around to the back of the house and in through his cat door or he had forgotten it existed. We eventually took pity on him.