Drag Me To Hell

Drag Me To Hell is what Mr Pigalina and I were wishing while watching this rubbish. Rrreese, I am disgusted to say, thought this movie was actualy good (so did Empire magazine – shame on you). I like a cheesy horror – this one though was not a cheesy horror. It was a crappy horror that thought it was better than it is. It started out with potential but soon descended into crapness relying on gross-out moments involving mucous. The ending was also good so all in all a terrible movie bookended by some alright bits. A gypsy curse drives the main character mad as a goaty demon torments her. Her boyfriend – Justin Long – manages to wake up with perfect hair and somehow sticks with her and gives her a large some of money as she goes round the twist. I can’t even be bothered going in to it any more than this. Gypsy curse, mucous, comically bad talking goat, Beetlejuice graveyard and the fastest filling pool of water known to mankind. That’s about it really.


One thought on “Drag Me To Hell

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