27 Dresses

It may be the fact that I am a So Hot It’s Tom friend. It could be the fact that I wore the one “important” dress at age 20 but I have only ever been a bridesmaid once. I was 5 years old and it was for my Aunty.
Jane is a good friend – so good in fact that she will pretty much act as wedding planner and bridesmaid for her friends AND, like, this one time, is bridesmaid in two weddings at the same time. She dreams of getting married – she’s been the bridesmaid 27 (did you guess?) times but never the bride. She cuts wedding stories by her favourite writer out of the newspaper (Important).
You know the drill, she loves someone who doesn’t love her. He is going to marry someone else and shock, horror – Jane has to plan the wedding. There is a guy who is a bit contrary and she finds him annoying but it turns out he is the one for her – Hurrah (Mr Darcy anyone?) There are highs, lows and lots of dresses.
I don’t know about you but I have never been to a single themed wedding. Jane however seems to have been to at least 20 – gender swap wedding, Bo-Peep etc.
While watching this movie I was on a giant beanbag, covered in a blanket and watching with my cat and dog – Mr Pigalina declared Katherine Heigl unlikeable so did not want to watch with us. It may have been my brief single lady style moment that made me not hate this movie. It wasn’t brilliant but I did not find my mind wandering nearly as much as other chick-flicks such as Rumour Has It – more of which at a later date.
You could see what was coming a mile off but it was watchable though probably one for the ladies only.


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