Crying in the Aisles

At the supermaret they have an international section. In amongst the curry powders, strange flavoured noodles, Dutch biscuits and stuffed vine leaves lie the British foods. Hula-hoops, Jelly Tots, Double Deckers, Mushy peas and Jaffa cakes galore.
When I do the groceries by myself I often stray to this aisle. Nothing in it is ever on my list but the odd item will make its way to the trolley. The main problem is, while standing browsing the goodies on the shelf I usually find my eyes welling with tears. It would seem, without even knowing it, that a lot of my childhood memories are tied to these foods.
Next year Mr Pigalina and I are going over to England for a visit. I am worried that I may become a gibbering mess on the floor of Tescos.