Removing the tags from my new sexy and sophisticated undies and this happened.


Clock Blocker

I saw these two gems of clocks today at a shop in Dunedin. Anyone would surely be proud for them to grace their lounge wall.
My favourite is the one on the left, it poses so many questions.
Why is there a foot wearing underpants and a bowtie?
Who decided to draw this and propose it as a clock idea?
Who agreed to print it as a clock?
Who ever thought that, yes, this will sell lots, let’s manufacture many of these clocks?
Why did the shop owner buy ANY of them to on-sell?

Pour Some Sugar on P

In a moment of madness at lunchtime, I bought this badass bass guitar for the Pigalina household. A total novice but thanks to Rocksmith I can already play the bass line to Def Leppard’s “Pour Some Sugar on Me” at 96% accuracy. BOOM!

The Worst CDs in the Waikato

Heading home today through Thames we stopped and had a quick look at the shops. This shop owner was desperate to shift the Starlight Express soundtrack, an Extreme album plus many more. ONLY TEN CENTS EACH! Usually we snap up such bargains, but even we could not choose ten. They really were the worst CDs in the Waikato.

Crying in the Aisles

At the supermaret they have an international section. In amongst the curry powders, strange flavoured noodles, Dutch biscuits and stuffed vine leaves lie the British foods. Hula-hoops, Jelly Tots, Double Deckers, Mushy peas and Jaffa cakes galore.
When I do the groceries by myself I often stray to this aisle. Nothing in it is ever on my list but the odd item will make its way to the trolley. The main problem is, while standing browsing the goodies on the shelf I usually find my eyes welling with tears. It would seem, without even knowing it, that a lot of my childhood memories are tied to these foods.
Next year Mr Pigalina and I are going over to England for a visit. I am worried that I may become a gibbering mess on the floor of Tescos.

Was Pak n Save trying to tell me something?

(I have a feeling this will be long. I haven’t blogged in a while, the urge to write is strong in this one).

Last week, at least one month overdue, I decided it was time for new boots, I could wait no longer. I had been walking around on shiny plastic nubs of heels that were dangerously slippery surrounded in ragged pleather as the real heels had worn down long ago. Also, all the rain we have been having lately had started to seep in through the ripped soles (I get good wear out of things you have to agree).
Usually I will buy all of my shoes from Number 1 Shoe Warehouse for $40 or less. However as I seem to get through pairs quickly I asked the ladies at work how much “real” boots cost. They all said over $100 with one having spent around $300! Good gracious, I certainly wouldn’t be spending that much.
Off I trotted to town and as I passed EB Games the siren call of cheap Xbox goodness lured me in. I left with Lego Indiana Jones. That’s fine, I told myself – Mr Pigalina will play it too and it was second-hand.
Off to the shoe shop – boots on sale – hurrah! I bought a pair that made my size 10-11 feet look tiny and they had $220 off. Great bargain hunting said I. Heading back to the carpark I passed a shop and a necklace caught my eye. I carried on only to turn back and buy not only that one but another too (total was $27.50 – pretty good price eh?)
Anyway, back at home despite getting some bargains, I felt a little bad for my spree and told Mr Pigalina I would not buy my lunch for a week to make up for some of my impulse buys. Mr Pigalina was handed my cards to take care of so that I wouldn’t sneakily buy any. I lasted 2 days on soup and could take it no more.
Today I went to Pak n Save hallowed supermarket of South D to buy my lunch. I also had a few other bits for home so I had a trolley. I had less than 12 items so I headed for the self checkout however the EFTPOS was down on them so it was cash only. I felt too cheeky standing in the express lane with a trolley as I usually complain about the old ladies who do just that and I would have been blocking the main thoroughfare. Every checkout had at least two trolleys queing up. I joined one que and the lady operating the till was slow and gossipy and there were three people ahead of me. I went right down to the other end of the shop and found a better que. The lady in front of me went to pay and was told “Oh sorry, EFTPOS isn’t working” Nooooooo, I thought, I have just spent 10 minutes in ques. Luckily we were all able to put our items through, suspend the sale and then go to the Customer Services booth to join another que and then pay. 20 minutes after getting all of my purchases together I left to walk in the pouring rain back to work to eat my sandwich.
I think Pak n Save was trying to tell me that I should have stuck to my self-imposed food-from-home diet. I only had two days left.