Clean Creatures

Having opened the sacks containing my soft toys yesterday, I decided they all needed a good wash.
Here is a selection, hanging to dry in front of the heater. I almost need to move to a bigger house so that they don’t have to go back in their sacks and into the garage.
I am a sentimental hoarder.


Sorting Saturday

The Pigalinas are mild hoarders. On Saturday I spent the day organizing the “memory boxes” – sifting through old letters, cards, pamphlets from museums, concert tickets etc.
I now have them nearly organized in boxes by type.
The correspondence of courting Pigalinas is in a box, heavily taped closed, with instructions for it to be burned whole upon our deaths. Nobody must read the ramblings of a teenaged Pigalina with possible mental issues. Nobody.

Mr Pigalina may be the slightly bigger hoarder, opting to keep the over-sized novelty leaving card from a job he left ten years ago. “Don’t know who that is, or that. I better keep it.”

No More Mole

I have an English degree so I am supposed to say that my favourite author is Chaucer, or Austen, or Shakespeare or Faulkner but my favourite author from age ten has been, and always will be, Susan Lillian Townsend.

I discovered an audio cassette copy of “The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole, Aged 13 3/4” in the Bedworth library. I asked my Mum if I could rent it (what a good girl), she checked with Dad who said yes and so began my love affair with Adrian Mole. They probably should have said no as there was a lot of affairs and “thing” measuring going on but that all went over my head as I listened (and then re-listened to my pirated copy).

I remember buying “From Minor to Major” (three books in one!) when I was eleven or twelve and my Townsend collection steadily grew. I was not impressed with the casting decisions made in “The Cappuccino Years” TV show and have bored Mr Pigalina over the years with my Adrian Mole facts and quotes.

Sue Townsend has been with me for most of my life from listening to that tape in my bedroom as a child to reading her latest book, “The Woman who Went to Bed For a Year”, while on holiday for my tenth wedding anniversary. Today she died and it is surprising me that I am pretty cut up about it. But I’m English, I’ll hold it in. I only cry at work and funerals…

Sue wrote more than just “The Mole Diaries” and I have enjoyed all of her work, but it is the Mole updates I will miss the most.
Rest in peace Sue, and thanks for all the fish (wrong author).

Crying in the Aisles

At the supermaret they have an international section. In amongst the curry powders, strange flavoured noodles, Dutch biscuits and stuffed vine leaves lie the British foods. Hula-hoops, Jelly Tots, Double Deckers, Mushy peas and Jaffa cakes galore.
When I do the groceries by myself I often stray to this aisle. Nothing in it is ever on my list but the odd item will make its way to the trolley. The main problem is, while standing browsing the goodies on the shelf I usually find my eyes welling with tears. It would seem, without even knowing it, that a lot of my childhood memories are tied to these foods.
Next year Mr Pigalina and I are going over to England for a visit. I am worried that I may become a gibbering mess on the floor of Tescos.


I remember where I was when I heard Princess Diana died, I remember my 9/11 moment – hell I even have a Freddie Mercury moment (I cried when the radio played “The Show Must Go On” – I was 9!).
Now there’s a Michael Jackson moment to add to the list 😦
I went into the staff room for morning tea yesterday which was doubling as a farewell for a guy leaving work. A soon as I opened the door someone announced that M.J was dead and this continued as each new person entered the room. The leaving celebrations were swiftly over-shadowed (not to mention Farrah).
My manager was straight online to check if it was true, another lady rang her husband who, she reported, sounded quite distraught. Another’s husband could not be reached. I rang Mr Pigalina who didn’t seem to care and already knew! I asked him why he had not been on the phone straight away to deliver the news – he said that he hadn’t wanted to deliver the bad news over the phone.
It appears that his whole office didn’t give two hoots while half of my office was in a frenzy. There is even a tribute party being planned for next Friday (dress code – one glove).

OK so MJ had a lot of controversy in the last few years but there is no denying that his music is fantastic. Mr Pigalina’s Dad apparently sounded rather upset on the phone when Mr Pigalina called him about an unrelated matter. He said “These people, you don’t know them, but they are always a part of your life.” It’s so true. I had a Moonwalker sweatshirt which I wish I still had – I would have made a cushion cover out of it. It is imortalised on Mum’s wall in a photo where I am wearing it complete with triangular pants, a bum bag a bob hairdo. I had the Thriller album on tape and Vincent Price’s voiceover would creep me out, I used to have to fast-forward through his cackle. When I was about 6 I went to a friend’s house and we put on her Dad’s Thriller video and then swiftly hid behind the sofa in terror. I remember watching in awe as the faces morphed into each other in the “Black or White” video. Let’s not forget the fabulous Jackson 5 which is my good mood music if I ever need a boost. My sister and I have had many a sing-along. A guy at high school could Moonwalk and I remember him once Moonwalking across a rown of desks at lunchtime. And who hasn’t spent time trying to perfect the Moonwalk themselves? (Don’t lie).

We all have our Michael Jackson memories and while his descent into scandal and ridicule over-shadowed his past achievements I am going to remember the fun that he has brought me over the years. Now, back to the video hits marathon on C4.