Third round: COVID level 2 – day 1

Monday 15th February 2021 – Dunedin, New Zealand

7:06am – Well the crazy dreams are back. Spent the whole night at the supermarket and work talking about COVID. This time round alert level 2 is planned to only last three days. Fingers crossed!

8:43am – Walking to work I was the only one not on a bus wearing a mask and nobody in the office is either so nor am I out of shame. Am awaiting further info but am totally fine to work from home guys.

12:04pm – During the main lockdown I realised I don’t need to live in hustle and bustle, being close to shops and cinemas. I have an ever-growing urge to move to a little village by the sea.

At lunch people were mindful to sit one metre away from each other and in the lifts we stand in the corners.

3:53pm – A year ago today I was in Perth, Australia for my sister’s wedding. There were rumblings of a crazy virus overseas but it was business as usual, and now I’m here with the rest of my office waiting for the Prime Minister’s announcement at 4pm.


4:11pm – Here they are! Update time.

4:14pm – Still only the three community cases at this stage so no change for us and Auckland remains in level 3.

4:53pm – I should leave now in order to beat the rush in the lifts.

5:36pm – Popped to the supermarket for essentials, boxed wine and cardamom. The only difference was you had to pack your own bag.


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