Third round: COVID level 2 – day 2

Tuesday 16th February 2021 – Dunedin, New Zealand

7:45am – Dreamt about going to a gig in a pub and getting laughed at by old dudes for scanning the COVID tracker. Now getting ready to go to my office to sit in a pod and breathe the recirculating air of 50 or so people.

9:52am – Hells bells, trying to listen to a Zoom meeting and everyone is talking all around me at full volume.

1:09pm – A colleague called past my desk and chatted so I’ll have to rewind the live stream.

12:54pm – Popped out at lunchtime for a walk. Very satisfactory levels of COVID tracer scanning noted. I’m now back at my desk awaiting the daily cases update. I am eating leftovers from the lunchroom for lunch, which in hindsight is unwise. I’m not sure if they realise but everyone can hear the people in the briefing room chatting ahead of the daily update livestream. Someone apparently has a lovely jacket.

1:16pm – No new cases!


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