Third round: COVID level 2 T-minus 4.5 hours

February 14 2021 7:26pm

About to head into level two again, I had to look up what that actually means – mainly social distancing and a mask if that’s not possible. Guess I’m wearing a mask to work tomorrow then.

I literally just travelled to the North Island for two nights last week and met up with colleagues from all over NZ and that was just lil old me. Since the newest cases likely caught COVID, there has been Chinese New Year, Waitangi weekend, gigs and Valentines Day meaning a whole bunch of gatherings and weddings so I’m anticipating quite a few more cases.

We have had it very easy lately, other countries have had multiple strict lockdowns and untold numbers of deaths. We’ve been fortunate enjoying Christmas and summer holidays but hopefully that means people haven’t become complacent…

Of course they have, barely anyone scans the COVID tracer QR codes.


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