Lockdown day 29

Thursday 23rd April 2020

8:31am – Took my time this morning and watched Coronation Street while having breakfast and it’s still only 8:30am. To work.

8:42am – For the second time this week I’ve mixed it up and sat in a different seat on the sofa because the sun was in my eyes. It’s exciting times.

8:52am – Missed a call while on the toilet, again. The voice mail was a lady from the office saying “There was a package on your desk that we opened and just want to talk to you about the contents of it”. Ominous much?! Racking my brain trying to think what I’ve ordered online.

9:03am – It was a packet of courier bags from the document destruction company.

11:43am – Heard back about our flights , it’ll cost us $1000 to cancel them. I think I’ll wait.

3:49pm – An itchy cluster of hives has appeared on my elbow.

4:22pm – Getting used to this lockdown life, grocery and prescription pick up tomorrow, juice delivery placed, delivery from the hardware store coming. I’ll stay mostly at home for the whole of Autumn and Winter if I have to.

7:57pm – Managed to watch the whole third season of The Windsors while writing another quiz this afternoon. Now discovering Episodes.


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