Lockdown day 30

Friday 24th April 2020

8:20am – Friday, this week went quickly; and it’s a long weekend again. Hooray!

11:15am – Roll on 5pm.

11:46am – Popped on some mascara for the first time in a month and brushed my hair for the second time in a month for the upcoming grocery pick up.

2:09pm – While in the supermarket queue saw an email my boss had sent that he wanted to go to the whole region ASAP. Ok will send as soon as I get home. Got home and the dog had eaten a whole block of chocolate so an emergency trip to the vet was in order. Rushed out to do that and sent the email to a colleague asking her to send it out for me due to emergency vet situation. Saw Mummy Pigalina for the first time since Mid March. We kept the socially appropriate 2 metres apart and had a chat, she was collecting her dog’s insulin. The vet took Tobias inside then returned him to me to walk around the Carpark while the pill in his eye dissolved to make him throw up the chocolate. And throw up he did. He also threw up in his crate on the way home and refused to get out when we arrived so I had to carry him inside, in his crate. Five minutes after getting back home he had his nose in the grocery bags. Hadn’t learned a thing. Oh, and I still got that email sent out. If you want something doing…

The face of regret

2:23pm – Just found a big piece of chocolate the dog had stashed in his bed for later.

6:29pm – Tobias has perked back up. The plan tonight is frozen pizza and the Beastie Boys documentary.


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