Lockdown day 28

Wednesday 22nd April 2020

8:14am – When I was a teenager I would have given my right arm for the range of home hair dye there is today. So I’m sitting on my bed, eating my breakfast, waiting for the indigo dye to set. It will probably look black on my brown hair rather than the vibrant blue in the packet. Maybe my couple of greys will show up blue. Haven’t dyed my own hair in about 18 years.

8:51am – I have darker hair with a slight tinge and a blue scalp and fingernails. Time to start work.

12:54pm – Looking forward for placing my online order for non-essential items next Tuesday – Bird nectar feeder to replace the one I broke; new watering can to replace the one I broke…

1:09pm – Missed two phone calls from the alarm company for the office while I was on the toilet.

3:24pm – Find myself craving juice a lot during this lockdown. Finished trying to graph on a bubble chart a load of potential construction and infrastructure projects. Now I have to write two quizzes for next week. How long is this quiz saga going to last?!

5:23pm – Dog walk time and I. Cannot. Be. Bothered.

6:30pm – Just cut up sausages into little bits to tart up pasta for tea. Lockdown cuisine.

10:13pm – Mr Pigalina beat me at Scrabble.

Coot was my leftovers


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