Lockdown day 26

Monday 20th April 2020 – wherein we will find out if we move from level 4 to 3 this week.

7:45am – Was having the greatest dream, it was like a video game, but I was in it, with pirates and elves and sword fighting. I had just learned to steer the pirate ship and had a cut scene to my future as ruler of the kingdom when it was time to get up and spend the day hunched over a laptop.

10:36am – A later phone meeting today so that will hopefully make the day go a bit faster.

11:32am – Completed very important task of moving the dog’s bed into a sun patch. His snoring confirms he is happy with my work.

12:44pm – Am watching the science and maths homeschooling TV show while I eat lunch.

12:55pm – Doesn’t the Government know a lot of us build our day around the 1pm COVID update? Cancelled again?! Special at 4pm with lockdown announcement too. Better take the dog for a walk instead.

2:57pm – Trying to create graphs using the slowest system evveerrrr over a slow VPN.

3:54pm – Hooray a new daily task, graphing stuff, good. My poor brain was drying up. Almost Prime Minister’s press conference time. Will we remain at level 4? I kind of hope so – we should stay in level 4 until we have a week of zero cases IMHO.

4:05pm – Lockdown level four ending midnight next Monday, then level 3 for two weeks. Great choice.

4:34pm – This will be interesting, we go to level 3 at midnight Monday i.e. first thing Tuesday morning but already it’s going round “level 4 ends on Monday!” Cue sad faces at the KFC drive-through when people realise their error.

10:05pm – Really hoping to have another great dream tonight but I might be missing the vital ingredient – liquorice tea. Watch this space.


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