Lockdown day 25

Sunday 19th April 2020

11:10am – Managed to miss the start of the Together at Home livestream. Thought it started at noon. Was possibly midnight. While flailing on the floor like some kind of dying snake when doing a workout the dog thinks I’m trying to play and tends to pounce on me. We’d better go for a walk.

11:49am – The dog has arthritis but I’m convinced he is just being stubborn sometimes. Another slow walk that started out at a normal pace until he wasn’t allowed to sniff everything.

1:40pm – My home made face mask came in handy for dog poo pick up duties in the garden.

3:10pm – Dog poo picked up, dinner in the slow cooker, bathroom cleaned and washing folded and put away. Must be time for some fun.

5:00pm – Just back from a secret second walk without the dog.

8:03pm – The weekend whizzed by so fast, cant believe it’s already work again tomorrow.

10:07pm – Fell asleep on the sofa so I guess it’s time for bed.


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