Lockdown day 27

Tuesday 21 April 2020

7:40am – Another crazy dream, not as fun as the night before. Really can’t be bothered getting out of my cozy bed this morning, but I will. Soon.

8:26am – The recycling bin is fit to burst. We can put it out for general pickup but it pains me to dump things that in a few weeks won’t sit around for a hundred years. I hope under level 3 recycling pickup resumes or the garage is going to get very full.

10:31am – I mentioned yesterday wouldn’t mind a bit more work to do. It’s coming thick and fast. Time for breakfast.

12:11pm – Finding myself watching lots of YouTube clips on Excel graphing functions.

3:01pm – The dog is desperate for attention or a walk.

Ol’ sad eyes

5:49pm – Mr Pigalina is shaving off his lovely beard. A trim would have been sufficient! (Dog had a walk, don’t worry).

8:17pm – The dog is transfixed, watching Eat Well For Less and all of the food on screen . Can confirm, in the spirit of Eat Well For Less that this household are making the permanent swap, thanks to the lockdown, to boxed wine at a saving of at least $10.

9:58pm – Mr Pigalina has gone to bed, I’m watching an interesting video about a maths problem (the Josephus problem) and the dog is very confused as to why we aren’t all in the bedroom.

10:05pm – Ok, now it’s bedtime. I have two bites on my leg and the dog has been itchy the past few days. Do we have fleas?


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