Lockdown day 18

Sunday 12th April – Easter Sunday

10:57am – Very lazy morning, in bed with a coffee and a small Easter egg. I can hear Mr Pigalina on a zoom call in another room. It’s mainly a lot of “is that you?” “I can’t hear you”.

11:19am – Very stiff after yesterday’s workout. Guess that’s a good thing so I should probably do another today. Maybe.

2:12pm – Haven’t done any exercise, instead I’ve watched documentaries and said “ooh ma legs” every time I have moved.

7:58pm – Another lazy day. Watched two documentaries (one about Roma Gypsies and one about Gypsy Rose Blanchard – bit of a loose theme), did some laundry, played Fable. Dinner time and David Attenborough now.

10:40pm – Off to bed. I doubt tomorrow will be anymore eventful, my loose plan is light the fire as the weather is supposed to be bad, resubscribe to Netflix as there is apparently a new episode of Tiger King and I don’t want to fall behind on the memes, and maybe play a board game.


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