Lockdown day 17

Saturday 11th April

9:51am – Will have to do something more cheerful soon, reading the news while listening to Al Jazeera is getting a bit depressing.

11:58am – Just finished a 30 minute YouTube workout. I was just about done after the warm-up.

1:48pm – Cup of tea (snowman mug) and a couple of ANZAC biscuits in the sun. The weather has been lovely lately, kind of taunting us because we can’t go far. ANZAC biscuits only need to be dunked for one second.

3:13pm – Dog has been walked and the sun has gone so I won’t feel guilty playing Xbox all afternoon.

3:22pm – Put our Easter Eggs in the windows for the #NZegghunt.

Joshua also participating in NZ bear hunt.

3:47pm – Just as my game downloaded, the sun came back out…

11:35pm – Oh short diary today! We are now playing Beat Saber in VR after watching Booksmart and low key cutting a few onions.


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