Lockdown day 19

Monday 13th April – Easter Monday

9:48am – Argh, do not read Facebook on the loo (don’t pretend you don’t), so many, mainly middle aged, COVID-19 deniers. Probably sore they couldn’t spend Easter at their holiday home that are flasher than most people’s houses.

10:16am – This is currently an acceptable door handle in our house.

12:06pm – Did another YouTube workout. For a total body workout there was an awful lot of squatting and jumping for my tired legs.

12:12pm – Mr Pigalina just popped out to start his car so the battery doesn’t go flat. Too late.

4:47pm – Played some Xbox with Mr Pigalina. It’s windy and rainy outside, perfect conditions for another lazy day.

9:48pm – We spent the rest of the evening snacking and watching varied YouTube videos. Lockdown has made us hungry. Time for bed, work tomorrow.


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