NZNTM Season 3 Episode 3

New Zealand’s Next Top Model Season 3, Episode 3.

Following on from the shock of Aminah being eliminated in the last episode the girls were all discussing how they all expected her to be around for a lot longer too. Many of them were also concerned as Aminah, it seems, used to do the cooking and now they will have to fend for themselves. With one egg, no cheese and some taco mix.

The girls were then off to meet Colin to learn about runway. Now, I really must be out of the loop because, following my not having heard of Model Teresa Moore in episode 1, I also have never heard of Penny Pickard “NZ’s most successful catwalk model”. (Where’s Rachel Hunter and Kylie Bax these days?!). The catwalk in this case was a big staircase that the girls had to sashay down. High heels + Stairs does not usually equal elegant walking. Bianca looked like she was about the cry and used the handrail while walking up the stairs. She claimed she didn’t know she was supposed to walk like a model on the way up. Colin told her to toughen up and that she didn’t want people laughing at her. I fear he may need to give her a few more talkings to yet though. Briana clomped up the stairs. Colin thought Aroha was a bit vacant and like a robot. Amber was too stiff. AJ was waaayy over the top with her hands on her hips and flicking her head as she turned at the end. Issy was too “fast” and “erratic”. Everyone else seemed to do quite well. Then they had to all do it again while wrapped tightly in a sheet that restricted their movement. Hilary was really good at the walk both times. AJ almost fell down the stairs.

Back at the house the drama has already begun. This is the reason that, when given the option of which school to start upon my arrival in NZ, I chose Co-Ed over a single sex school. Girls can be pretty stupid/scatty if we are honest. Tyne was in a mood with Holly for being friends with Hilary “She pretty much just pushed me aside”. Holly tried to talk to Tyne about it but she wouldn’t. Everyone thinks AJ is hilarious. I have a feeling she may be a little bit simple. “I only learnt how to say hippopotamus, like, the other week.” “What were you saying before?” “Hippo-ta-ta-ta. I thought that’s how you say it!”

Runway time! The girls walked in a Glassons fashion show. They were expected to do a few poses while walking too. Hilary did well. Arihana’s poses were a bit off – “Lose the circus freak”. Issy said she’s “not capable of walking in straight lines”. Colin said she was “Whitney Houston on crack”. (That would be normal Whitney then?) AJ came out, walked the wrong way round the runway and forgot to pose for the judges. Tyne was praised – “amazing”. Bianca started well but thought people were laughing at her so slinked off at the end dejected. Sara and Colin said that Rosanagh just glides down the runway and were very impressed. However, the winner of the challenge who got $1000 worth of clothing and the use of a new car for a year was Aroha.

Off for a photoshoot now – with boys! The girls had to model with other models wearing a dress that was like a shiny off-one-shoulder poncho. Briana was told to work on her “ice queen” face. When Amber was doing her shoot the male model next to her had to stand on a book as she was a whole head taller. Holly was “being out-modelled” and the photographer said he struggled to get a good shot. Issy didn’t do very well at all and blamed it on the dress.

At elimination Bianca got praised for her good week, so hopefully she will be less awkward next time. Amber was told that on the runway she was boring and the judges didn’t like her photo either. AJ proclaimed that she looked “really hot” in her photo. Then she cried again. Colin was not impressed at all with Holly this week. Yanna turned into a gibbering mess because she has a crush on one of the male models from the shoot. Issy said that she hated the runway, hated her dress at the photoshoot and acting sexy – “my head’s just not in the game.”

Top this week was Bianca!!!!
Bottom two were Holly and Issy. Holly went home – Mr Pigalina and I both said “awwww” and felt sad when she said “When I get back to Oamaru, I’ve got my job still open for me at Countdown, so I can go back there. So that’s sweet, looking forward to that.” Ommers! Countdown! đŸ˜¦

Brigette, Amber, Aroha, Brianna, Yanna, Arihana, Bianca, Rosanagh, Aminah, Hilary, AJ, Tyne, Issy and Holly.


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