NZNTM Season 3 Live Final

For once I was out having a life so missed the live final and then ruined it for myself by checking Facebook.

I am watching it now and I cannot believe that Brigette won. She is so wooden, her voice is flat and she sounds like a tired, less deep voiced Helen Clark. Her Covergirl ad was awful to listen to. Also those spacers in her ears are not waffley versatile.

Bianca, my nerdy, awkward second fave (after Arihana who is long gone) is no good in ads either but she killed it week after week in her photos. The way the other two bitched about her through the whole episode and pretty much excluded her just showed their jealousy. Yes she’s a moaner but at least she’s NEVER been caught bitching. I knew she couldn’t win as she is so terrible when being interviewed, hopefully she will grow out of it.

Rosanagh is beautiful and has a unique face and her ad was great. Poor girl has had the media dragging up stuff about her drinking and having mates that do drugs. She’s a teenage girl for goodness sake! Take a look at your teenage years. Out of the final 5 Rosanagh wad my sure fire winner. I can only imagine it was the silly scandal that ruined it for her.

Anyway, what the hell was that blue piped, flashing garment bag Bianca got put in to model?? Denise L’estrange-Corbet, if that is what you design you can get lost, wearing your glasses over your Justin Bieber fringe too makes you look a bit simple. (Wow, I am feeling acid tongued this morning!) Brigette got put in a coat made from the pelts of slain Muppets and she was worrying about making the designers look stupid…

At the end of the runway show a hermit came out and clapped for himself along with the other two designers.

Deliberation time – They couldn’t fault Bianca’s walk or photos. They worried Rosanagh may not be a role-model, walked too fast and photographically never had the “Wow” factor. Brigette’s walk was great, her photos were consistent.

Oh, then my recording cut off so it is a good job I already knew the winner!!!
Not my expected result but I never seem to predict these things right.


NZNTM Season 3 Episode 4

New Zealand’s Next Top Model Season 3, Episode 4.

I can’t be bothered this week – I am blaming my lethargy on a Vitamim D deficiency (it’s mah new buzz phrase). So, I will do a quick Finn-on-Glee style rundown of “what you missed”.

Everyone is getting sick of Tyne and next week she storms out after AJ calls her a bitch. The girls did a posing challenge then went to the zoo to win the chance of being featured on the 2Degrees website. Arihana was one of the three, the other two don’t really count because she needs to win! Bianca is growing on me and it turns out her mum is/was a model so that must be why she is able to rock it in challenges depite being naturally awkward. The girls had to model with Vinnie a male model with a stupid ghoul tattoo on his chest and Yanna and Rosanagh reacted like he was water in the desert. Bianca said she felt she didn’t know how to pose with him as she has never had a boyfriend.
Brigette got picked first. Amber and Yanna were bottom two and Yanna went home.

And that’s what you missed on (*really high pitched*) NZNTM!

(Photo updates to come)

Brigette, Amber, Aroha, Brianna, Yanna, Arihana, Bianca, Rosanagh, Aminah, Hilary, AJ, Tyne, Issy and Holly.

NZNTM Season 3 Episode 3

New Zealand’s Next Top Model Season 3, Episode 3.

Following on from the shock of Aminah being eliminated in the last episode the girls were all discussing how they all expected her to be around for a lot longer too. Many of them were also concerned as Aminah, it seems, used to do the cooking and now they will have to fend for themselves. With one egg, no cheese and some taco mix.

The girls were then off to meet Colin to learn about runway. Now, I really must be out of the loop because, following my not having heard of Model Teresa Moore in episode 1, I also have never heard of Penny Pickard “NZ’s most successful catwalk model”. (Where’s Rachel Hunter and Kylie Bax these days?!). The catwalk in this case was a big staircase that the girls had to sashay down. High heels + Stairs does not usually equal elegant walking. Bianca looked like she was about the cry and used the handrail while walking up the stairs. She claimed she didn’t know she was supposed to walk like a model on the way up. Colin told her to toughen up and that she didn’t want people laughing at her. I fear he may need to give her a few more talkings to yet though. Briana clomped up the stairs. Colin thought Aroha was a bit vacant and like a robot. Amber was too stiff. AJ was waaayy over the top with her hands on her hips and flicking her head as she turned at the end. Issy was too “fast” and “erratic”. Everyone else seemed to do quite well. Then they had to all do it again while wrapped tightly in a sheet that restricted their movement. Hilary was really good at the walk both times. AJ almost fell down the stairs.

Back at the house the drama has already begun. This is the reason that, when given the option of which school to start upon my arrival in NZ, I chose Co-Ed over a single sex school. Girls can be pretty stupid/scatty if we are honest. Tyne was in a mood with Holly for being friends with Hilary “She pretty much just pushed me aside”. Holly tried to talk to Tyne about it but she wouldn’t. Everyone thinks AJ is hilarious. I have a feeling she may be a little bit simple. “I only learnt how to say hippopotamus, like, the other week.” “What were you saying before?” “Hippo-ta-ta-ta. I thought that’s how you say it!”

Runway time! The girls walked in a Glassons fashion show. They were expected to do a few poses while walking too. Hilary did well. Arihana’s poses were a bit off – “Lose the circus freak”. Issy said she’s “not capable of walking in straight lines”. Colin said she was “Whitney Houston on crack”. (That would be normal Whitney then?) AJ came out, walked the wrong way round the runway and forgot to pose for the judges. Tyne was praised – “amazing”. Bianca started well but thought people were laughing at her so slinked off at the end dejected. Sara and Colin said that Rosanagh just glides down the runway and were very impressed. However, the winner of the challenge who got $1000 worth of clothing and the use of a new car for a year was Aroha.

Off for a photoshoot now – with boys! The girls had to model with other models wearing a dress that was like a shiny off-one-shoulder poncho. Briana was told to work on her “ice queen” face. When Amber was doing her shoot the male model next to her had to stand on a book as she was a whole head taller. Holly was “being out-modelled” and the photographer said he struggled to get a good shot. Issy didn’t do very well at all and blamed it on the dress.

At elimination Bianca got praised for her good week, so hopefully she will be less awkward next time. Amber was told that on the runway she was boring and the judges didn’t like her photo either. AJ proclaimed that she looked “really hot” in her photo. Then she cried again. Colin was not impressed at all with Holly this week. Yanna turned into a gibbering mess because she has a crush on one of the male models from the shoot. Issy said that she hated the runway, hated her dress at the photoshoot and acting sexy – “my head’s just not in the game.”

Top this week was Bianca!!!!
Bottom two were Holly and Issy. Holly went home – Mr Pigalina and I both said “awwww” and felt sad when she said “When I get back to Oamaru, I’ve got my job still open for me at Countdown, so I can go back there. So that’s sweet, looking forward to that.” Ommers! Countdown! 😦

Brigette, Amber, Aroha, Brianna, Yanna, Arihana, Bianca, Rosanagh, Aminah, Hilary, AJ, Tyne, Issy and Holly.

NZNTM Season 3 Episode 2

New Zealand’s Next Top Model Season 3, Episode 2.
(Warning – this post contains higher than usual levels of Pigalina life stories).

As I have been a little slow in updating this I had already accidentally seen who is eliminated in this episode before watching it. I must say I was surprised – let’s see how it came to be.
First, let me say how upset I am that the theme toon has changed! I loved the old one. The new one has someone muttering something that sounds like “models” and is otherwise non-descript. The opening credits has all of the girls walking around in a shower of bling and diamonds and getting their photos taken.

The girls all moved into their apartment and apparently they “had to” scream because they were so excited. They screamed lots. Free stuff for everyone, jewellery, clothes, phone, make-up. Then – SHOCK – there is a strange girl in the hot tub. Turns out that she is Holly who is the wildcard winner – she was chosen by the public to be in the competition. Bianca said that they were all prepared to hate her until they realised she is awesome, so that was lucky for Holly.

Makeover time! (The past few times that I have been to the Hairdresser I have asked them to Top Model makeover me and, without fail, I end up with a couple of highlights – which they do under my top layer of hair because they know I will be slack with maintainence – and a few layers. Every. Single. Time.).
At the hairdressers Colin was looking fly but Sara was wearing a fat ladies Royal Wedding souvenir t-shirt and a leopard cardi. The hairdresser man looked like a scruffy I.T technician (no offense to mah I.T nerds intended <3). (*Pigalina Tangent* Another pronunciation peeve of mine then occurred – see the last post for more – Sara said that they were all glad to have Holly HERE then said – speaking of HAIR… They are not the same word!! There is an awful ad on the radio at the mo that rhymes bear with rear and gear. Getting angry just thinking about it).
Anyway, I digresss. Everyone seemed pretty happy even Issy who has a huge shaved bit. Except for Tyne who said her hair was her identity and told Colin she felt ugly and like a boy. Yanna post make-over reminds me of Samantha Morton (growing her hair back after Minority Report).

Photoshoot time – Advertising Magnum Temptation Ice-Creams. My friend Belinda was not impressed by this shoot commenting that she thought it was poorly done. I can see what she meant – the make-up for most people was ick. Everyone was dressed like some kind of Austin Powers extra posing next to a swimming pool with a Magnum (I have 2 more Pigalina stories, this time about Magnum ice-creams. Scroll to the bottom if you care). Lots of chocolatey teeth followed. AJ prepared some lines “Even models give into temptation. Have a Magnum Temptation.” She missed the fact that it was not a TV ad – though good initiative.

Elimination time – Colin said Rosanagh’s photo was awful. AJ cried (and she hadn’t yet seen her no-eyes photo “Your face was a shambles”). She cried again when not eliminated. Aminah was “disappointing”. Arihana’s photo was fabulous. The judges all went crazy for Holly’s photo. While the judges deliberated the 3 men hated Rosanagh’s picture but Sara liked it. Yanna had “so many [good] shots”. Aminah’s attitude was a concern (Eh?!) and was trying too hard. Bianca was “reveling in her insecurity” and hunched. Hillary only had one good photo. Holly – Cheesy girl next door.

Top this week was Yanna. Bottom two were Aminah and Briana. I have no idea why these two were in the bottom two apart from Aminah’s photo – but that was the awful make-up’s fault. They only thing that they had said about Briana’s photo was that she looked old. From what was discussed previously it should have been old one-shot Hillary or awful-photo-so-say-all-of-us Rosanagh. Even Sara seems to have been clutching for ideas as to why they are out because the explanation that she gave each of them was weak.

Aminah was eliminated and I am SHOCKED! Mistake NZNTM. Mistake.

Brigette, Amber, Aroha, Brianna, Yanna, Arihana, Bianca, Rosanagh, Aminah, Hilary, AJ, Tyne, Issy and Holly.

You can watch this episode online if you live in NZ by clicking here.

(*Pigalina & Magnum Ice-Cream stories* – When I went to St Tropez with my family Daddy Pigalina was shocked that my White Chocolate Magnum worked out to cost about ₤5 – which equates to around $15NZ! Then, one day when I was 11 me and a few friends, for some reason I cannot remember, went to town with our favourite teacher Ms Farrell. She said we could have an ice-cream. Guess which Magnum addicted child chose the most expensive ice-cream in the shop…)

P.P.S. Daddy Pigalina choo-choo-chooses Arihana too!