You and Your Stupid Mate

Sunday night is movie night round our way.  This movie was selected by another because it looked like the type of movie my husband and I would like/pick.  The odd thing is, I wouldn’t have even given it a second glance myself.
You and Your Stupid Mate revolves around Philip and Jeffery who live in an Australian trailer park, which looks a lot nicer than any American trailer park you see in movies.  Neither of the two guys work, one spends all his days running a website about “Son’s and Surf”  a crappily acted soap (think Home and Away without the dream sequences, ghosts, montages and flashbacks that make it so realistic).  The other is a scout and is in the Gang Show – which I am positive only happens once a year, still it gets him through life.  However, one day everything comes crashing down – The trailer park is going to be demolished, they have to work for the dole, and “Sons and Surf” is getting cancelled. 
What follows is rather predictable – will they save the show?  Will one hook up with Rachel Hunter their “fertile” neighbour? What about the work for the dole scheme?  Goodness!  So many issues to sort.
There were some very funny moments – one in the opening sequence involving wees and a pool.  The soap episodes are also quite amusing (on the DVD you can watch the episode clips all together).  The clothes the guys wear are also hilarious – especially when they go clubbing.
Quite a funny film, one that I wouldn’t have chosen myself (mainly because Australian comedy tends to get tossed into the same “unfunny” boat as NZ comedy but there are, of course, exceptions).



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