Lockdown day 15

Thursday 9th April

8:04am – A lot of hair came out in the shower this morning. Hoping it’s just because I haven’t been washing or brushing it as often.

9:19am – Compulsory two-week quarantine for anyone entering or re/entering the country was announced today. Escorted by the military to a quarantine facility, not just hanging out at home. I wonder how long that will stay in place – have a holiday booked for November…

12:24pm – If you turn on the dishwasher in our house while the dryer is on in the garage (out of sight – easy to forget) the fuse trips and they both turn off. Some sheets that had been caught in the fuse saga were discovered in the dryer still damp, goodness knows how long they’ve been there but they are mouldy! Grr. I’ve sprayed them in Exit Mould and am re-washing them. Fun times.

12:59pm – Caught the tail end of Emmerdale again, even though I have never watched a full episode I know that Marlon is a nice chap and his wife just did him dirty. Poor Marlon.

1:21pm – New Zealand seems to be smashing this virus. Our numbers are steadily decreasing everyday, down to 29 new cases today and still only one death. Even though some people haven’t been sticking to the lockdown rules most have and it appears to be working. Fingers crossed it continues.

1:35pm – Windy! The mouldy sheets are now clean. Hooray.

2:40pm – The spider that I watched climb the wall yesterday, then observed on the ceiling this morning just ran across me. Not OK!

2:45pm – Saw the spider out the corner of my eye scuttling across the sofa. It is now outside, it had three orange legs.

2:51pm – It was an orange legged swift spider. Aptly named as he was both swift and orange legged.

2:53pm – Huh, it says online that they are biters.

4:54pm – Monitored my emails and talked to my boss on the phone while making fruit crumble for dinner and prepping my first ever batch of hot cross buns for tomorrow.

5:28pm – My good jeans are a bit uncomfortable to sit around in all day and my two other, out of shape, pairs are ripped where the thighs rub so I bought some track pants (winter clothing is considered essential so can be delivered). I wore them for the first time today and already they have gone bitty where my thighs rub. FFS.

6:01pm – Would it be wrong to slash the tyres of a child’s motorbike? The neighbour’s kid is driving his bike around his garden. Because it’s not a very big space is goes “VrOOOOmm VrOOOOm” as it accelerates and brakes. This isn’t just during the lockdown either, otherwise I may be more tolerant.

11:00pm – To bed to watch YouTube documentaries. Long weekend tomorrow!


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