Lockdown day 14

Wednesday 8th April 2020

8:58am – Really am losing track of time. I titled yesterday’s post day 14, but that’s today. Hot cross buns for breakfast and emails galore to read.

9:50am – It’s quite unnerving going to the toilet and being able to hear Mr Pigalina’s workmates on calls through the wall. Does that mean they can hear me?!

11:51am – The sun is out. Might be time for a walk around the block with the dog. Especially as the subsidy processing system just crashed due to overloading.

12:40pm – The dog was pretty unimpressed with the ten minute walk with me, luckily for him Mr Pigalina’s phone-call had ended when we got back so we all went on another.

1:45pm – Folded myself a face mask while watching the Prime Minister’s press conference.

I knew those bandannas would come in handy one day.

The “straps” pull my ears down.

4:07pm – Got a phone-call from one of the offices protesting their zero score on one of my quiz questions. It was emojis depicting Lady and the Tramp 🐶 🍝 🐕. Apparently the dogs were too different to Lady and Tramp and they had put dog eat dog. I don’t actually care all that much so they get a point for caring so much. I am now diligently making my second quiz for next week. “Essential worker” eh?

6:20pm – Am in the queue to get into the supermarket, let’s see how long it takes.

7:20pm – Not bad. One hour and I’m back home and the groceries are away. No help from Mr Pigalina…

10:36pm – Tomorrow is the last day of work before the four day Easter break. Hooray! Usually we would go somewhere for a night or two, instead I have asked Mr Pigalina to join me in watching a movie and colouring in Easter eggs to put in the window as part of NZs Easter egg hunt #NZegghunt.


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