Xbox Live is Cheeky

Mr Pigalina and I got Xbox Live Gold subscriptions so we could play Guitar Hero with Mr Pigalina’s cousins. (Yes, they live only about 1km away). Anyway, it was easier to get online with complete strangers all over the world than those guys and as a result we never played online with them once. Plus I had somehow become bamboozled while signing up and missed out on the one month for $1 deal and paid over $10.
To sign up you just hop online. To cancel my subscription I had to google the phone number (only after Mr Pigalina tried and failed to cancel his subscription online) and phone (toll free) America. So today we rang and the call lasted for 20 minutes – though this is pretty good as I have been on hold longer for places such as Inland Revenue.
I had to tell the man my Xbox Gamertag (Pigalina – could you guess?). I had to tell him the last 4 numbers of the credit card I used to sign up – Mr Pigalina then had to give permission to speak to me again as he was the card holder. The man then asked for the full name I used to sign up “Pigalina .” I replied. “No, your full name” “Yeah, I think I actually signed up as Pigalina Dot – Pigalina Fullstop.” Turns out I had – I never expected to have to be telling anyone though. What was my phone number, my full address, my reason for cancelling? Mr Pigalina – whose Gamertag is sillier than mine – coz mine’s not silly – then had to go through the same questions.
Far out! I thought I had only signed up for a month but I had signed up for an ongoing monthly subscription. PLUS I had to do the mess around in order to cancel it. I wonder what else I have signed up to that will be as hard to get out of.

Just did a little wee..

I haven’t looked into it properly as I am supposed to be finishing my National Certificate in Public Sector Service and have been getting distracted – it looks like Skunk Anansie are rumoured to be in an upcoming version of Rock Band. Oooooh I hope so – Skin’s voice rocks. Though I will scowl in the corner when Mr Pigalina inevitably shows me up with a 10x better score on the singing. No matter, finally some recognition for my favourites!

(Bet it is all lies though :()

Xbox Lady

Just an addition to the last post. Xbox lady rang up again and our manager told her he would send her a free hand controller. She said “Oh that’s nice, and a game.”

😯 What the?! She is so greedy, she shouldn’t even be getting the controller. It is sad but true that those who whinge the loudest always get a better deal than other people.

Free Stuff? You Can Keep Your Cheap Junk

There has been an ongoing saga at work involving a lady and her Xbox. It all began when she brought it in to get fixed under warranty – it wouldn’t switch on. For some reason we got it back un-repaired and we were told we needed a special number from Microsoft for it to get fixed. Someone then spent 45 minutes on the phone to America and found out you don’t need that number at all. We sent it back and they told us they were going to return it un-repaired once again. The lady was getting very angry so we said we would send her a whole new one, which we didn’t have to do. Unfortunately, she had purchased the Halo bundle which is no longer available so we sent her a different bundle.

Now, she received a brand new Xbox, a free hand controller AND a free game. You’d be happy wouldn’t you? Not this lady. She rang up moaning that we had sent her a “cheapo” bundle and that she wasn’t happy. The only difference is that her old Xbox was green, not black. The bundle we sent is worth less now than she paid a year ago for her bundle but that’s because it is old now and the Halo bundle would be a lot cheaper too if you could still get it. It was pointed out to her that upon their release both bundles were worth the same amount. Instead of being happy with her free game, controller and new console, she wants goods to the value of what she originally paid. We could have made her hang around while it got fixed.
Some people are just so ungrateful. Everybody really should have a mandatory 6 months stint in retail then they wouldn’t be so rude!