Hardcore Sunday Night

Wine and my mending pile, it’s a wild time in the Pigalina house.

I have been very slack lately with updates, that is because it has been the Christmas holidays and Dunedin has been basking in one of the best summers we can remember. Updating my blog has taken a back seat to lying in the sun, paddling in the sea and enjoying doing what I want, when I want. I have already had a week back at work, except there was little to no work to do. Tomorrow though will be the proper start to the working year (hence the mending, can’t go to work all holey) and I will endeavour to be more consistent in recording the fascinating life of a public servant, thirty-something in Dunedin New Zealand. Sounds riveting eh?


Family Wedding – Half the World Away

My cousin is getting married in England today. (Technically 3am New Zealand time tomorrow).
As I can’t be there I am drinking wine and watching “Superbad”. Hardly the same thing.
It has been an emotional week, what with the wedding and my sister finding out she is expecting a boy. My nephew, who looks set to be Australian.
And contrary to popular belief, NZ and Australia are not the same country.

365 day photo challenge April 19

As my treat for Zumbaing, and Kinecting this week I indulged in one of my favourite activities – bubble bath, book and wine. The hot water of the bath means the alcohol’s calories just melt out of your body. We all know that. (I subscribe to the Lucille Bluth school of wisdom).