Sweet Birthday!

Today is my 33rd Birthday.  Mr Pigalina had to work so I have largely spent the day pottering about at home.  I watched TV in bed for a couple of hours, walked the dog and had lunch with my family.  When I got home I thought I would change the bed so that it would be nice and cosy later on.

You remember how I said I had watched TV in bed for a couple of hours?  Yeah, well Shelob the giant spider had also been in there watching it with me.  As I pulled back the duvet the huge spider ran for cover in a fold of the sheet.  Instantly goose bumps shot up both arms.  I was going to take a photo for here, but didn’t fancy disturbing it again.  Both sheets and spider (I hope) are now outside in the rain.

I then grabbed the barrier block spray that stops the spiders from crawling into the house in the first place.  I sprayed and I coughed.  Then I went inside and promptly vomited on the bedroom floor.  So my bedroom now has a vomit stain on the floor, a stripped bed and it stinks of fly spray.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY!



String and Plastic Are Not Food

Tobias appears to have ingested some bits of his toys, as well as leave hundreds of parts and morsels everywhere. We learnt this when he threw up tonight and the contents included string and little black bits of plastic. No more toys for him!

Dog Vomit Central

Every Winter our front lawn gets covered in patches of Fuligo septica – aka dog vomit slime mold. It looks like a party happened in the night and everyone vomited all over the lawn. It is bizarre stuff and can move around (though not visibly, very slowly). We have it in two shades – white and yellow. It took me quite a while to find out what it was from googling a description. I have never seen it on anyone else’s lawn in the neighbourhood which just makes it worse. I feel like people who walk past are judging my filthy lawn.

365 day photo challenge September 18

William, our cat, is sensitive of stomach – therefore he only gets meat on Christmas Day (shh). This free sample came in the mail and it looked so good I could have eaten it myself. I knew it wouldn’t stay down long but that he would enjoy it all the same. Sure enough, 5 minutes later, I was on my hands and knees mopping the regurgitated fish broth from the kitchen floor. It’s not Fancy Feast’s fault, he does this with all food.