365 day photo challenge July 11

After work stroll with the dog. Shame about the power lines, otherwise a nice skyline.


True Twilight

Vampires eh? Quite popular at the moment aren’t they? I will freely admit that I read, and loved, The Twilight Series. Yes, I even own them all. I have just read the first True Blood book and I have one big fat question – Who copied whom?

***********SPOLIERS AHEAD!!***********

Twilight True Blood
Hot vampire boyfriend Hot vampire boyfriend
Main character who is “different” Main character who is “different”
Friend that is in love with her and is a werewolf Friend that is in love with her and is a shapeshifter
Main girl’s mind cannot be read by vampires Main girl can read minds – but not those of vampires
Head vampire wants use of main girl’s power Head vampire wants use of main girl’s power

I don’t know about you but if I had never read either of the above two books/series and I sat down to write a vampire novel I would probably not come up with mind-reading and shapeshifting friends with unrequited love for my main character.  I know they are aimed at different demographics but there has been some copying going on and I am suprised I have not heard more of an uproar about it. I enjoyed True Blood but found myself going “hang on a minute” quite a lot. From what I could gather in my very brief look online it True Blood came first. Someone’s got some splaining to do.