Pigalina and the AA.

Well, here’s an exciting way to start my new year of blogging. I am sitting on my bed, looking expectantly out of the window, waiting for the AA to arrive. The Pigalinas are late for work due to a flat battery. While car issues are nothing new I am shoe-horning this post under the “new experiences” heading because I have finally joined the AA. I was a Youth member back when I was 16 (and with my first car I certainly needed to be!) but no amount of keys locked inside or flat batteries since no longer qualifying for the youth discount has been enough to make me fork out for the membership fee. Until now. You see, there is absolutely no way that we can sort this out ourselves without calling on family members and making them late for work too. My car is an automatic and Toyota, in their wisdom, have decided that you cannot take the car out of park unless the car is on. So, my plan when I hopped in this morning and noticed that the door had been slightly open allowing the door light to drain the battery (yes, that old chesnut) was to roll onto the road and worry about jump starting it after work. Except it won’t move and Mr Pigalina’s car is trapped in behind. The buses from our house go once every hour and besides, who has cash for a bus these days? So, I wait to be rescued having spent the last of my birthday money on the AA in order for them to come out and allow us to spend the day at work (fun).

Fun fact – turns out you CAN put the car in neutral with no power. Would have saved myself $195 if I could have read the Japanese writing under the over-ride button.