It’s a Dog’s Life

Having woken me up in the night, by rubbing his itchy eyes on his blanket, Tobias remained in bed long after I got up. Obviously tired. Not that anyone else would have been…


Cat Nap

New Zealand is a very spread out country. Today I had a five hour round trip to attend a meeting. I fell asleep in the car on the way home. Many times.

I took one picture of Timaru but it didn’t turn out too well, so please accept this picture of William re-enacting my journey today.

Sleepy Me, Sleepy Tea

Lately when I can’t sleep it is not thoughts of work or worries about life that flow through my head keeping me awake. No, my brain likes to sing songs over and over. Last night I woke up around 1am and then, when trying to get back to sleep, my brain decided it was the perfect time to clap along because it felt like a room without a roof. I must have slept at some point though as I recall a dream.
I managed to make it through the work day but it is just past 8pm and I am in bed with a mug of sleepy tea. There better not be any singing tonight.


After two nights of a tickly throat and runny nose enough was enough and I spent the day at home. Slept until lunchtime with a brief breakfast interlude, then spent the day on the sofa watching terrible rom-coms (I Hate Valentines Day) and reality shows.

Can’t wait for Orientation Week 2014

Last year, to welcome the students back to town the supermarket over the road from my work gave away, or had mega deals, on energy drinks. Usually I am a sugarfree energy drink lady but who could resist? This stash has been sitting in my cupboard at work all year for emergencies only. Today has been one such emergency.