Beautiful Coasters

I arrived at work and discovered this lovely gift on my desk – coasters! Kathy was also taken by the helpful hint (as per yesterday’s post) and when her husband arrived home with cakes in silver foil containers she knew exactly what to do! Beautiful.


Two of the Best Tips Ever

At lunch today we were reading through some high brow magazines – “Chat” and “That’s Life”.
Who knew they would provide such hilarity. Not only did it have some great advice columns answering questions regarding possible damage from a particularly stiff poo and a lady who had a burning mouth and throat from a potential STD; it also had pet photos, real life stories (both scandalous and lame), celebrity quizzes and LIFE TIPS!
These two were my favourite and I can’t wait to implement them. My house will look pretty and I’ll never have to roll my sleeves up again. Plus the people who sent the tips in received a well deserved £25 each.