NZNTM Season 3 Episode 1

I missed season/cycle 2 of New Zealand’s Next Top Model as I was wintering in Europe with Mr Pigalina at Grandmama’s. I am back to blog it this season though and I promise to more conscise this time around.

Right-o then.

New Zealand’s Next Top Model Season 3, Episode 1.

They have stopped showing the audition stages, the same as on America’s Next Top Model (audition stages = comedy gold so why not show it?) so we start with 33 finalists who are to be whittled down to 13. My favourite is Arihana, a fiery red head with sleepy eyes, as she is from Dunedin – and has a good look too of course. There is also Amber D from Dunedin who is 6 foot tall. Aroha is the “plus size” model i.e the normal sized one. Rose on the other hand is anorexic looking. (She didn’t make it to the final 13 though which is pleasing). Bianca is the “quirky” one – can’t wear heels and wears big oversized black rimmed hipster glasses.

Sara met all of the girls outside the Waitangi Marae and gave a speech/pep talk (*Unnecessary Pigalina fact* I went to Waitangi, but it was closed so I only got as far as the gift shop front door). Then it was off on a boat trip with Colin and Teresa Moore (apparently an NZ model – she was wearing a very ugly dead sheep jacket thing BTW). The girls all had to bust out their best 3 top model poses for Colin and Teresa.

At the one-on-one interviews/auditions one girl didn’t know why she wanted to be on the show. Another likes “to do stuff” and Brianna just likes netball. Eden decided she didn’t want to be there anymore after wasting a space that a girl who did want to be there could have used. Tsk.
2 of the girls have unfortunate pasts. Claudia has a bit of a limp because she is the survivor of an accident where she and a friend were hit by a motorbike while on the beach at night. Claudia had her pelvis and both legs broken. Her friend didn’t survive :(. Brigette’s boyfriend died of an overdose a year ago.
Aminah is Muslim so may struggle with getting naked and other such things models have to do, though she didn’t seem worried.
Arihana – my heart sank when she walked in wearing two hula hoops. She was awesome at it though so all was forgiven.

History lesson time learning about tannery (leather making, not orange skin-a-fying) and printing with Professor Mathura-Jeffree at a colonial house. This was apparently because the girls were to find out if the colony of Top Model (yeah, I know) would accept them. (Not nearly as awful a theme as Tyra’s friending of people on her myfierce page). Lots of screams and squeals and tears of sadness and joy as the girls find out if they are in or out (wrong show sorry). At this point Chris Sisarich angered me by clearly saying conGRADulations. 1st photoshoot time! Pioneer woman themed (Ah, to tie in with before!). A few of them posed with a horse and Bianca posed with a pistol (or as she called it a “full rifle”).

Elimination time and the final 13 are:
Brigette, Amber, Aroha, Brianna, Yanna, Arihana, Bianca, Rosanagh, Aminah, Hilary, AJ, Tyne, and Isabel (Issy).

Next episode is MAKEOVER TIME!

(Apologies for any rubbish quality screen captures).
You can watch this episode online if you live in NZ by clicking here.