Bacon + Maple Syrup + Beer = Delicious?

When I first spotted Rogue Voodoo Donut – Bacon Maple Ale while in Wellington I immediately thought of our Canadian friend Aaron.
Today we finally cracked it open for a taste. It smelled and tasted a bit smoky and there was a definite tinge of bacon. I had expected if to taste saltier.

Two sips was enough for me, only one sip for Katie. Mr Pigalina and Aaron polished off the rest declaring it “disgusting at first – but then you get used to it.” Good to try but I don’t think any of us will be rushing out for more!


365 day photo challenge August 9

For the Office Olympics bake-off I was on team Korea. This is my Kang Jung – sesame seed candy. Easy said the recipe. Only takes 15 minutes. Lies! This was my fourth attempt because my blummin’ syrup wouldn’t thicken. I ended up boiling my syrup for almost an hour and it still wasn’t thick enough. Then to add insult to injury it melted into a huge blob in the warm staffroom.