Kinder Surprise Indeed

Got a surprise when I saw this Kinder Egg waiting to be purchased.


It’s My Party and I’ll Cry if I Want to

Surprise party today to celebrate Mr Pigalina’s Aunt and Uncle turning 60. As they walked in and everyone started singing Aunty N burst into tears. And looked very distraught.
Luckily that passed quickly and the Chinese banquet began. Not only were the Pigalinas at the table with a few children (smaller appetites) there were also a number of fish haters – meaning more delicious lemon fish for us.

Bag of Crap Food

A daily deal website was offering a mystery “bag of crap” for $9. You could pick men’s, women’s, pets or kids. Apparently inside could be anything worth $9-$999. Oh the treats I imagined!, and ordered one for me and one for the dog. Could I be getting some new sunglasses? A book perhaps? No. $9 worth of the South African version of Mars Bars – great for a household trying to cut down on sugar. Silly Pigalina.

365 day photo challenge May 27

The forecast has been for gale force winds but we had a surprisingly beautiful day – t-shirt weather! In order to maximize our time in what may be the last good sunny day before Spring; we went to the beach with the dog. A lot of people had the same idea.