Break Out the Bottle

We had a talk at work this morning about “Winter Wellness” and we were told to take some vitamin D on any days you don’t get any sun. Well this is all the sun I got to see today so I may need to start bathing in it.


Bonus January 14th photo

As I have mentioned before, the weather this year has been rubbish – if it hasn’t rained, it’s been blustery. We have had one good day in Dunedin since Christmas. So, upon finding a wind free spot at the Botanical Gardens I was so delighted I had to share my joy. So may I present the second photo of the day for January 14.

Old friend, never leave us again

A friend came to visit today after being very aloof so far this year – the sun. The sun came out for a whole day and the neighborhood set to work in their gardens, went for walks on the beach, read books in the garden and felt good about life.

365 day photo challenge November 2

It was stinking hot the whole work day. I have no photos from today because Mr Pigalina and I raced out to the beach with the dog after walk with visions of swimming, frolicking and photo-taking. Instead we shivered our way towards the sea under a grey sky. Then the wind picked up forcing people closer to the shore to start running back towards the car park before the rain came.
This sums it up:

365 day photo challenge August 26

The sun came out today. To commemorate this rare event in Winter, I slapped on a sundress; got out my bean bag and re-read some Scott Pilgrim outside with a beer and my dog. Roll on summertime.