The Spiders Got Caught in Their Own Web of Cheekiness

We are pretty tolerant of spiders in the Pigalina household. I have one that lives in the wing mirror of my car and there is a VERY successful one who lives in the corner of the sliding door. Many are removed from the house on pieces of paper and placed lovingly onto plants in the garden.
However, lately the spiders have been taking advantage. It has been nice weather so the doors and windows have been open and they have been happily moving in. I shared a shower with 3 baby ones the other day. The last few nights there have been spiders lurking on the ceiling. Today I woke up and saw one scuttling up the wall of the bedroom; I went to the toilet and one was watching me from the cistern. “That is IT” I declared and stomped off to find the spider spray. I plonked the can onto the kitchen bench – almost on top of another spider.
Sorry spiders but enough is enough. My first task this morning was spraying the outside of the house with barrier block. Those who have already moved in will be dealt with humanely, any potential lodgers, I’m afraid, are out of luck.