Sweet Birthday!

Today is my 33rd Birthday.  Mr Pigalina had to work so I have largely spent the day pottering about at home.  I watched TV in bed for a couple of hours, walked the dog and had lunch with my family.  When I got home I thought I would change the bed so that it would be nice and cosy later on.

You remember how I said I had watched TV in bed for a couple of hours?  Yeah, well Shelob the giant spider had also been in there watching it with me.  As I pulled back the duvet the huge spider ran for cover in a fold of the sheet.  Instantly goose bumps shot up both arms.  I was going to take a photo for here, but didn’t fancy disturbing it again.  Both sheets and spider (I hope) are now outside in the rain.

I then grabbed the barrier block spray that stops the spiders from crawling into the house in the first place.  I sprayed and I coughed.  Then I went inside and promptly vomited on the bedroom floor.  So my bedroom now has a vomit stain on the floor, a stripped bed and it stinks of fly spray.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY!



Make Sure You Stay Outside Shelob

This guy was lurking by the bins.
I hope it stays outside because there will be a lot of shrieking if it makes it inside and one of us will have to wrangle it out again on a piece of paper.
Spiders are friends. Friends that are only welcome inside if they are little.