Seagull Discrimination

It turns out it matters what colour you are if you are a seagull in New Zealand, and I’m talking beak colour.

There are three types of seagull in New Zealand – as far as I have determined – yellow beak big ones, red beak and black beak.  I am not sure which colour makes you the most important but *spolier* it’s not red.

Today on my way to work a seagull was sitting on the grass next to the footpath.  It didn’t make any attempt to move when people walked past so I knew something wasn’t right.  I went to touch the bird and it did move, and then I noticed that both of its legs were out behind it and it was “sitting” on its belly.  There was no way it could fly away as it could not push off the ground with its legs.

I called the Department of Conservation (DOC) hotline for injured wildlife.

“Do you help seagulls?”

“What kind is it?” they asked

“One of the ones with the red beak and red legs.”

“No, try the SPCA”.

I then had to find the number and call the SPCA “No we don’t, try DOC.”

“I just called them, they said to call you.”

“Tell them that you are in Dunedin, the Dunedin branch helps those kind.”

I called DOC back again and the lady didn’t sound very interested, I explained how the SPCA had said that the Dunedin branch helps them so therefore I had called back.  She asked if I could take the bird to the office – no, not without wrangling into my cardigan and carrying across busy roads and a few blocks.  She logged a job with them and said that they would call me back and instructed me to call the Dunedin office myself also.  I did.  They were shut.

Just as I was hanging up a young man appeared.  He asked if the bird was hurt and, as if to demonstrate that yes it was, it scooched awkwardly across onto the footpath.  I told him the saga and he said that his mum had helped lots of injured seagulls out so he would take it home.  He threw his jumper over the bird and said he would head home to feed it up on cat food.  After declining a ride he was gone, bird in arms.

DOC did not call me back until almost 40 minutes later when I was at my desk.  I would have been late for work, and would have stood on the side of the road for close to an hour.  When I told them that the bird had been taken by the kind boy the woman said “It probably won’t heal.”  “He will make it comfortable anyway.” I replied.  I know your game DOC, you would take my injured bird and kill it without letting it rest on a nice bed scoffing cat food before it goes!  At least it got taken in by a family that cares, even if its days are numbered, not left on the side of the road for hours by the organisations supposed to help creatures.



Crazy Cat Lady?!

People often refer to me as a crazy cat lady. I get given cat presents, they hassle me if I pat a cat, that kind of thing. Not sure how I got this status, the most cats I have ever owned at one time is 2.

Anyway, I may have crossed the line this time. I have entered my cat William in New Zealand’s Next Top Cat Model. It is all in the name of charity and good fun. All proceeds go to your chosen cat charity. William has chosen I chose the SPCA – and the money he raises will go to the Dunedin branch. Not only has he got a fundraising page, his Twitter has gone into overdrive and there is even a Facebook page in his honour. Tech overload for a small cat of little brain.

William is a great cat but Mr Pigalina insists that he is simple of brain. This may be so but it is due to no fault of his own. While living in horrid Caversham we lived on the corner of a busy, hilly, street. People would slam their feet down to get up the hill right outside the house. Right where a small black kitten who, in the dark, blended in with the road, would run. The first time Willy was hit he broke his jaw, knocked out one of his fangs – which has never grown back – and his face went a bit wonky meaning he cannot close his right eye fully. The person did not stop. Mr Pigalina and I were students at the time and I am sure the vets at Pet Planet (where we got Willy) took pity on us as they only charged about $80 for xrays and wiring his jaw back together. A BIG THANK YOU TO THEM! The SECOND time he got hit a very panicked lady came to the front door to apologize. Willy was OK this time, having just scuffed his claws. So, you see, he may have lost a few brain cells due to head trauma. But I don’t care.

Willy’s first best friend – Mrs Kensington, was killed by a wandering pitbull when we lived in horrid South Dunedin. Tobias the dog has since taken over that role, so much so that they are now termed “boyfriends“. They snuggle together and wash each other – with their tongues, as animals do.

He squark’s continuously every morning until his favourite fishy meat is presented to him and he hasn’t quite figured out the continuous biscuit feeder. It has only been 3 years. Give him time.

Anyway, it is clear that I love my cat. Just the one. If you also are a William fan now having read his abridged tail tale then feel free to join him on Twitter and Facebook.
Feel free to donate to a very good cause and, in the process, help Willy towards becoming Nz’s Next Top Cat Model.

Check out my single fang With best mate Tobias Note 1 fang, few teeth, and unclosed eye