Sorting Saturday

The Pigalinas are mild hoarders. On Saturday I spent the day organizing the “memory boxes” – sifting through old letters, cards, pamphlets from museums, concert tickets etc.
I now have them nearly organized in boxes by type.
The correspondence of courting Pigalinas is in a box, heavily taped closed, with instructions for it to be burned whole upon our deaths. Nobody must read the ramblings of a teenaged Pigalina with possible mental issues. Nobody.

Mr Pigalina may be the slightly bigger hoarder, opting to keep the over-sized novelty leaving card from a job he left ten years ago. “Don’t know who that is, or that. I better keep it.”


365 day photo challenge October 26

A change around in the office was a good opportunity for me to clean out my drawers and cupboards. Things I found include a party hat from Christmas 2011; a sheet from a “warm fuzzies” exercise where colleagues listed me as thorough and organized (feel the love); a pen shaped like a body part exclusive to males and two boxes of business cards for an office I haven’t worked in for three years.