Electric Afternoon

I had just finished the final level of Peggle 2, thus earning the prestigious achievement of “Peggle Master”, when the power went out.
It was windy outside and a downside of my fabulous suburb is that, during very high winds, we tend to get power cuts due to falling branches. I was just about to call the line company when we noticed that some things still had power. Must be a fuse. We examined the fuse board and we were still confused. I called Daddy Pigalina who is an electrician.
He interrupted his Sunday afternoon and came to examine the problem. Only 50 volts were coming into the house.
It turns out a tree had caused the problem. One of ours. It had snapped the neutral cable where it entered the house. Our wiring, it seems, is about 60 years old…
Mr Pigalina hacked the tree back and I called the line company who turned off the power to the house while Daddy Pigalina patched up the ancient cable.
Next weekend he is bringing us into the 21st century. Thanks Daddy P!