Birds Shall Feast

A new 5kg bag of birdseed has been introduced at the supermarket.
Thankfully there are no artificial colours or flavours. But is it gluten free?


Sweet Wedding

Had so much fun at the wedding of Mr Pigalina’s cousin. There was a delicious lolly station with the pictured personalized treats, a great band and lots of laughs.
As we were the last standing there *may* have been some playing of the band’s instruments.
The night ended with us feeling like teenagers, getting a ride home at 2am from an Uncle with Mr Pigalina’s brother stuffed in the hatchback boot.
Just saw the pictures, they start out elegant…

365 day photo challenge May 11

This guy is having an art exhibition consisting of heels of shoes and boots that he has found on the footpath. He of course has a story that he has come up with to go with it; something about people’s days being ruined. Watch this space for my exhibition of fast food boxes found on the road. Something about people being too ignorant to save it until they find a bin.

365 day photo challenge April 10

Here’s what you can expect more of now Facebook has bought Instagram for the ridiculous sum of one billion dollars. (Thank you Mr Pigalina sitting through my angry rant about it). Not only can you expect to see your 13 year old niece duck-facing with a beige wash over the picture; those endless photos of people’s dinner and their babies will now look like a hipster vomited some of their magical hipster juice all over them. The kind that causes thin moustaches to grow and t-shirts to become oversized.

(Doesn’t my desk look exciting now?)