I Need a Dermatologist on Speed-Dial

We’re all friends here so I’m sharing with you what has been dominating my day today. Yesterday this monstrosity popped up on my cheek. It has now spread to my neck. I am THIRTY TWO not thirteen! If out in public I am wearing my hair down to mask it. When at home the hair is up and I am slathered in potions. It’s times like this I wish I owned, and knew how to apply, make-up.

While we’re on the topic of skin, I also have a rash of some variety on my torso. My GP has no clue what it is.

Such a beautiful lady.


Gaming Snacks, You’re Doing it Wrong

Last night we went to watch a stand-up comedian, Carl Barron. Pigalina *may* have had a little too much to drink resulting in some double vision where most of the show was observed with one eye shut.
Or I may have needed to wear my glasses. Yes, that’s what it was.
So today, as I settle down to play Wolf Among Us episode 2, I am trying to be a little healthier.

Sort it out Sunday!

It rained heavily for most of the day, such has been the norm so far this Summer. Settled in and spent most of the day playing Bioshock Infinite. Then the sun came out at around 6pm when I was in my PJs, had a very irritated eye (possible cat hair intrusion) and was at a crucial part in the game.