I Know What I Like

Today I needed to buy new shoes as my others were falling apart. I ended up buying the exact, kind of ugly, style as the broken ones.
When my previous shoes broke and I found they were discontinued and heavily discounted, I bought the three remaining pairs in my size.
I am a fashionista beyond compare.



While tidying out my bedside drawers today I found four sets of spare heels for boots I no longer own.
They are still in there, they may come in handy one day. Hopefully in twenty years people aren’t sifting through my house on an episode of Hoarders.

365 day photo challenge May 11

This guy is having an art exhibition consisting of heels of shoes and boots that he has found on the footpath. He of course has a story that he has come up with to go with it; something about people’s days being ruined. Watch this space for my exhibition of fast food boxes found on the road. Something about people being too ignorant to save it until they find a bin.

365 day photo challenge February 11

Fly new slippers with sparkly claws. From the kid’s section – apparently a size 3. I honestly cannot remember ever having size 3 feet. They were size 6 when I was 11 and are now a majestic 10 or so. Obviously one size fits all.